Members of the Governor’s Select Commission on Civil Disorder

Photograph of members of the Governor’s Select Commission on Civil Disorder. Governor Richard J. Hughes established the commission to study the causes of the 1967 Newark rebellion and issue a comprehensive report. Seated left to right: Governor Richard Hughes, former Governor Robert Meyner, Robert Lilley (Commission Chairman and president of NJ Bell Telephone Co.), and former Governor Alfred Driscoll. Standing from left to right: Oliver Lofton (director of Newark Legal Services Project), Raymond Brown (Commission Vice-Chairman and Jersey City lawyer), Ben Z. Leuchter (editor of Vineland Times-Journal), and Reverend Prince Taylor (Methodist Bishop of New Jersey). Absent are William A. Wachenfeld (former New Jersey Supreme Court justice), John J. Gibbons (president of New Jersey Bar Association), Bishop John Dougherty (president of Seton Hall University), and Sanford Jaffe (Commission Executive Director and US attorney). — Credit: Newark Public Library